Case Study

Club Apple

Location & Size
Idaho’s largest luxury fitness club in Idaho Falls ID with 5,000+ members

The Problem

Club Apple needed to increase their brand awareness and client base and transition their marketing efforts from highly traditional to a solid digital/traditional mix. Potential members would choose other gyms due to the lack of value propositions being understood by the public.

The Process

Club Apple's previous marketing efforts had been in line with industry norms, leaving them feeling uncertain as they made the transition to a digital-focused strategy. However, they knew they needed to grow, and their advertising wasn't accurately reflecting the quality of their club. We recognized the need for a complete image overhaul, a new website, establishing a strong brand voice, and utilizing a strategic content approach to tell their unique story. By leveraging our expertise in digital marketing, we were able to help Club Apple achieve unprecedented success and establish themselves as a leader in their field.

Our Results

Club Apple already had solid market penetration as they had been in business for over 25 years. Our efforts increased lead volume by 77% over the course of 24 months. Resulting in increased revenue for Club Apple which has lead to new additions to their health club.

  • 3500+ leads over a 24 month period
  • 4.1 million social media impressions

Our Content-First Solution

We took a comprehensive approach to Club Apple's marketing, creating entertaining videos for social ads, revamping their website with a heavy emphasis on conversion rate optimization, and utilizing SEO and Google Ads. We also remapped the customer journey to help their sales team close more deals. The results exceeded expectations, and we're proud to play a role in their ongoing success.


Most gyms utilize stock photography and poorly shot video. We needed quality content to match Club Apple’s premium offerings. We took an educational and entertaining “show don’t tell” approach for their videos so potential customers could see all the club has to offer firsthand. Customers can become familiar with the facility without ever stepping foot inside. This is especially important for new gym goers as there can be anxiety and intimidation when first joining a gym. By developing a new website and layering in an SEO and Google Ads strategy, we were able to see a significant increase in leads.

Examples of Deliverables

Testimonial from

Club Apple

“Over the years, we’ve been working with Porter Pro Media to help elevate our digital presence. They’ve created content, run ad campaigns, and rebuilt our website. We can easily see how these efforts have translated into increased growth in our membership base and our brand.”

Future Plans

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