Case Study

KJ's Super Stores

Gas station & convenience store
Location & Size
19 locations across ID, UT, WY, NV

The Problem

KJ's needed their marketing presence to match their well-known reputation. Their competitors were starting to eat at market share and they needed to build a loyal customer base. They had no social media or online presence at the time.

The Process

KJ's lacked any online presence and was apprehensive about starting digital marketing. To help them increase traffic to their stores, we developed a new website and implemented an SEO strategy. With the challenge of branding a chain of convenience stores in a fun and engaging way, we knew we had to take a unique approach. Our team started testing various types of content and honing in on what would make KJ's stand out on social media. Our efforts transformed an ordinary convenience store chain into a legendary one that people couldn't stop talking about.

Our Results

We have taken KJ’s Super Stores from having virtually no social media presence to a convenience store with thousands of loyal followers that pay attention and enjoy their content.

  • 8% increase in sales across 19 locations
  • 31.2 million video views
  • 49.6 million people reached
  • $3.2 million+ revenue generated

Our Content-First Solution

From the very beginning, we knew that creating a unique and compelling content strategy would be key to making KJ's stand out. That's why we came up with a weekly video promotion that quickly became the talk of the town. But we didn't stop there - we listened to our audience and carefully honed our approach to create an unparalleled level of engagement and brand loyalty. Thanks to our dedication and hard work, KJ's quickly became the convenience store destination of choice for countless satisfied customers.


We couldn’t do what everyone else was doing—posting lifeless, generic gas station photos. We needed to create a personality for KJ’s. Part of our strategy was to produce a new video every week for one of their promotions, Thirsty Thursday.

Examples of Deliverables

Video Content

Social Posts/Ads

Testimonial from

KJ's Super Stores

"Porter Pro Media is fantastic to work with. We use them for all of our internet marketing needs. They are very easy to communicate with and an absolute pleasure to have as partners."

Jake Hansen, COO

Future Plans

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