Case Study

Idahoan® Foods

Consumer packaged goods company
Location & Size
Leading manufacturer, nationally recognized. Idahoan’s products are in 1 of every 3 homes in America.

The Problem

When Idahoan came to us, they knew they had a reputation for exceptional products, but their social media presence just wasn't cutting it. Their competitors were nipping at their heels, so they turned to us to help build a loyal customer base and recapture market share. They wanted to create a series of video ads to create buzz and excitement around their already fantastic products, so we got to work crafting a series of engaging and memorable ads that truly captured the essence of Idahoan.

The Process

To showcase Idahoan's top-selling products, we put our heads together to create a series of dynamic and exciting videos. Our goal was to highlight just how quick and easy these products are to use, so we opted for a fast-paced, energetic style. We even brought in a food stylist to make sure every shot looked absolutely mouthwatering. The result was a series of videos that truly did justice to the quality and convenience of Idahoan's products.

Our Results

Our ads quickly reached a nationwide audience and led to a significant increase in sales across multiple products.

  • 2,588,618 video views in 30 days
  • 1.61% CTR across all digital ad platforms
  • 31% YouTube video completion rate
  • 33% household penetration

Our Content-First Solution

Our approach was to convey the excellence of Idahoan's products in a captivating and fast-paced manner through video ads. These ads are now utilized on various digital and traditional channels and have helped to generate more excitement around the Idahoan brand.


Idahoan's video content lacked personality. Snappy and upbeat videos were created to show the speed, ease, and variety that their products provided for any meal throughout the day. The success of these videos led to more videos of this style in other product lines.

Examples of Deliverables

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Idahoan® Foods

Future Plans

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