Case Study

Bison Boys

Meat snack industry and e-commerce sales
Location & Size
Four bison ranches in Idaho with over 8,000 head of bison

The Problem

When the Ball family first dreamed up the idea of creating a bison brand, they knew they were on to something big. They wanted to raise awareness about our national mammal and promote the health benefits of one of the most protein-packed and leanest meats out there. But, as a startup, they faced an uphill battle when it came to establishing brand recognition and educating the public about bison meat. The team at Porter Pro Media was just what the Bison Boys needed to transform their idea into a stunning reality.

The Process

We rolled up our sleeves and put our team of experts to work. Together, we developed a comprehensive identity system and crafted a strategy to not only generate revenue but to also generate excitement around the brand. It all started with designing the perfect logo, followed by the eye-catching labels for the jerky bags. From there, we turned our attention to creating a dynamic website and crafting irresistible content to drum up buzz. And before we knew it, Bison Boys had taken off in a big way - and we haven't looked back since!

Our Results

With our expertise and hard work, we took this idea and transformed it into a wildly successful brand, with sales now exceeding one million dollars! We started from the ground up, designing everything from the logo and packaging to the Amazon listings and social media presence, which now boasts over 128k loyal followers. Our videos have even gone viral, garnering over 15 million views and capturing the attention of viewers worldwide. And that's not all - our trailer for the Bison Boys brand was recognized with a Silver ADDY award! Bison Boys jerky can now be found in over 100 Sam's Club locations across the U.S., as well as more than 500 convenience stores and on Amazon.

  • $1.32 million revenue generated
  • 600+ Sam's Club and convenient store locations
  • 128k followers on social media
  • 15.7 million+ video views

Our Content-First Solution

Our content-first strategy for Bison Boys included showcasing the bison ranch lifestyle, creating humorous ads, producing detailed product videos, developing educational content, building brand advocates, and updating Amazon listings to A+ listings. This comprehensive approach helped to build a strong brand identity and drive significant sales growth.


The organic content needed to be engaging and educational so people wanted to follow the Bison Boys account. The ads needed to stop the scroll and motivate people to click the ad. The landing page needed information and content to educate customers as to why Bison Boys jerky is the premium option in the meat snack industry.

Examples of Deliverables

Amazon Listing for Bison Boys Jerky

Testimonial from

Bison Boys

Future Plans

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