How to do Social Media Right in 2024

Stepping into the world of social media is like learning to dance—just when you think you've got the rhythm, the music changes. But don't worry. The secret for 2024? Create killer content that your customers will want to see and share. 

At Porter Pro Media, we’ve got a simple philosophy that makes a big difference—we call it the Content-First approach. Instead of chasing every trend, we focus on creating strong, meaningful content that people genuinely want to engage with. 

In this blog post, we'll be diving into seven key strategies that'll help your business excel in social media this year, ensuring you stay ahead of the game and connect effectively with your audience.


Back in the day, photos were the main draw on social media. Now, although photography still has its value—videos have taken the spotlight. It's more than just shooting any clip and putting it up, though. Quality is the name of the game. 

Your videos should grab attention, share a message, and evoke emotions—all in a short span. Like those catchy TikTok dances or those inspiring short stories on Instagram. Why? Because in 2024, a well-made video can make your brand unforgettable. 

So, aim for videos that not only show what you do but also connect with viewers in a fun or touching way.


Don't put all your eggs in one basket—that old saying really rings true for social media. Imagine if you only posted on one platform, and then it got purchased by a billionaire with a grudge? Yikes! 

To reach a wider audience and stay relevant, spread your presence across various platforms. Sure, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook might be the big names now, but have you checked out some newer platforms making waves (like Threads)? 

By diversifying where you post, you give your business more chances to shine and connect with different audiences. Plus, each platform has its own vibe, letting you tailor content to fit just right.

And if you're unsure about which platforms to tackle, consulting with a professional social media management team, like Porter Pro Media, can help guide your choices.


We all know that feeling when a friend sends a special message just for us. It feels great, right? Now, think about your business on social media. 

People don't want to chat with a robot—they want to know there's a real person behind the screen. That's where the personal touch comes in. Reply to comments, share behind-the-scenes peeks, or maybe even do a fun Q&A session! 

Showing your audience the real faces and stories behind your business helps build trust. And when people trust you, they're more likely to stick around. Remember, social media is all about building connections, so get out there and be genuine!


Ever see a picture a friend shared of their favorite coffee or a new shirt they just got? That's what we call user-generated content (UGC). It's content made by regular people, not the company selling the product. And guess what? It's super powerful for businesses. 

When your customers share photos or videos of your product, it's like they're giving you a big thumbs up in front of all their friends. So, how do you get more of this awesome UGC? 

Encourage your fans to share by hosting contests, giving shout-outs, or even featuring their posts on your own feed. When others rave about you, it can make a world of difference!


You might've heard the word 'algorithm' tossed around lately. Think of it as a set of rules that social media platforms use to show content. 

For example, if you like a bunch of cat videos, the algorithm says, "Hey! This person loves cats!" and then shows you more of those. For businesses, understanding these rules can help get your posts in front of more eyes. 

No need to get all techy, though! Simple steps, like posting when your audience is most active or asking questions to get comments, can help. It's like giving your post a little boost. And who doesn't love a boost?

To optimize your posts for maximum exposure, consider utilizing social ads services, which can ensure your content gets in front of the right eyes.


When it comes to social media, authenticity usually stands out. When businesses are transparent and showcase their true values, it resonates with the audience. No need to try to be something you're not. 

By sharing your brand's beliefs and core principles, you naturally attract customers who align with your values. This builds trust, fosters loyalty, and creates a community around your brand. Honesty isn't just the best policy—it's also the most attractive one on social media.


Your business's social media activity generates valuable data with each post, like, share, and comment. This data is crucial—it's a clear indicator of what your audience enjoys and engages with. By analyzing these insights, you can determine which content resonates most with your followers. Perhaps they prefer informative articles or entertaining videos. 

Relying on data removes the guesswork from your content strategy. Instead of assuming what your audience wants, you'll have a clear direction based on their actual preferences. In essence, using data effectively leads to more engaged and satisfied customers.


The digital world doesn't stand still, and for businesses to thrive, staying updated with the latest trends is a must. 

As we navigate 2024, the essence of outstanding social media revolves around powerful video content, embracing a variety of platforms, showcasing genuine personal connections, fostering community with user-generated content, grasping the nuances of shifting algorithms, standing firm on brand values, and making decisions rooted in hard data.

If you're eager to boost your social media presence, Porter Pro Media is ready to be your guide. With our content-first philosophy and expertise in social media management and social ads, we're poised to elevate your brand's digital journey. Contact us today and let's craft a magnetic social media story for your business.

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